Finding Inspiration

I love pinterest just as much as the next creative soul - but there's something about having a real-deal magazine or book that floats my watery heart. I have stacks of magazines. STACKS.

I've started a process that will last me well into my old age of thumbing through the stacks and tearing, cutting and sometimes ripping the images that speak to me. It's completely random and I don't overthink it - I just grab and stash.

When I have time - I rummage through the stash and create collaged pages in my journal. I have one set aside just for this purpose. It's therapeutic and so inspiring. I am driven by color more than content - so the combinations of images are sometimes peculiar, but that's where the inspiration kicks in.

I sometimes add bits of papers I like and washi tape just to tie it all together - anything with color is game.

Yes, I was even totally inspired by that big bowl of oyster stew - LOOK at it! It makes me remember my grandmother, who used to make me cracker stew (an old depression era recipe) which doesn't have oysters, but... still... it's stew.

I'm a visual person - obviously - and even though I don't get to cut and paste as often as I'd prefer, just the process of flipping through the magazines and tearing out some images is inspiring enough to get my wheels turning.

Inspiration comes in many forms...



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