Painting Crystals

Painting crystals has become one of my favorite meditative pastimes lately. For me, there's something about filling a page with small illustrations that is so satisfying...

I typically grab one of my crystals and paint directly on to the page while looking at it - I don't draw anything first. It puts me into a state of focus and intuition starts to kick in for the color combinations and textures I want to create...

I like 'grungy' little quartz crystals for this process. First of all, they're inexpensive! 2nd: They don't have 'color': only light and shadow, so I really get to play around with the colors to express the light. And that's just fun! 3rd: I don't have to get the exact shapes correct - it's a crystal, not a portrait!

I found most of my quartz crystals here.

I go light with my paint at first, using plenty of water and a small brush (I'm using a size 1 in the video)... As I get comfortable with the overall shape, I start to intensify areas and express the shading and texture.

The colors I am using in this video are:



Pthalo Blue

Quinicridone Gold

Garnet Genuine

(all by Daniel Smith) and

Mauve by Winsor Newton Cotman

I think that's all I used, but honestly, for painting these - I love having a messy, dirty palette and dirty water, it adds to the mystery! :) It's a perfect way to use the last of your colors on your palette from another painting too.

I'm thinking of creating a new beginners class where I'll be painting butterflies and crystals, all the while teaching the ways of watercolor... I'd love your feedback - sound like a good idea? Consider the comment section a suggestion box :)

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