Playing Alchemist...

This project was so much fun, I don't know why I haven't thought of it before - I have always loved playing alchemist and creating color combinations, but this time I created my own names to go with the newfound mixtures, and it added a whole new element of adventure to the process.

Creating these mixtures is a soothing meditation to me - coming back to center - rediscovering my love for the elegance of watercolor all over again. When I come 'back to the drawing board', I come back to creating circles filled with water and color...

I used Pthalo blue in each of my mixtures... I like the idea of seeing what one color will do with others... it adds a cohesiveness to the collection and I will use the information for other paintings to come...

I used Daniel Smith Colors (with a few exceptions where noted) for these experiments.

Here's a video of the creation of 'Freya's Kiss':

Alchemical Recipes:

Mystery: Wet into wet: Kyanite, Pthalo Blue and Rhodonite

The shimmer of Kyanite, so beautiful!:

Elixir: Wet into wet: Bloodstone Genuine, Pthalo Blue

Clairvoyant: Wet into wet: Lunar Blue, Pthalo Blue and a few drops of Phantom Moonlight by Rivervale Watercolors

Whale Song: Wet into wet: Shadow Violet, Pthalo BLue

Freya's Kiss: Wet into wet: Deep Scarlet, Piemontite, Pthalo Blue and Gold Mica by Rivervale Watercolors

Visionary: Wet into wet: Amethyst, Rhodonite. Glazed with Pthalo blue

Tyrion's Folly: Wet into wet: Napthamide Maroon, Pthalo blue

Cimmerian: Wet into wet: Burnt Tigers Eye, Pthalo,

Tumultuous: Wet into wet: Purpurite, Pthalo Blue

I used scrap pieces of paper and marked out 3x3 inch square, then added a circle - Once I created my mixtures and let them dry - I used a Sharpie pen to write the names

Then I 'aged' the paper using washes of Burnt Umber and various blues. While it was still wet, I used a paper towel to blot some of the areas.

Then I used my handy-dandy deckled edged paper scissors to cut out the square


I'm so excited about coming up with new names, I know I'll be doing this again!

If you give it a try, please tag me on Instagram or Facebook!



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