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Updated: Apr 16

Today I want to take you on a 'tour' of the renovation of my 'she-shed' studio. I'm so excited and happy with how it turned out - a perfect creative space to house and nurture all my creative notions and adventures.

The shed itself is just a regular, run-of-the-mill, square metal building. Or, at least, that's how it started. When we moved into our home eight years ago, it was where our lawnmower and yard stuff lived. But, I always had my eye on it...

I started using it for my workshop. I used to paint and rehabilitate furniture and make wooden fish from old wood. Here are some of them... memories!

Eventually, I migrated away from creating the fish and more into painting and my watercolors. I needed a space. So, I figured, what the heck, I'll try to create something out of the shed. What's the worst that could happen, the lawnmower will just have a more attractive home!? Ha!

You can scroll through this gallery to get an idea of my carpentry skills...

Scary, right? But, it worked! I pieced it together like a puzzle, using I don't even know how many screws and lots and lots of caulk. After I got all the pieces up, I painted everything white. I did everything myself, except for the installation of the air conditioner, a must have in southwest Florida! The hubs helped me with this detail, I know my limitations! :)

This all happened back in 2015 - here are some pictures of how it looked when I finished! And, my sweet little Sam, the bestest Boston Terrier in the world. He has since passed... (use the arrows to scroll)

The little shed found it's way into a book and even made it onto TV! I was interviewed by a local TV station :)

Fast forward about 7 months and I found, renovated and opened my own studio... You can read that story here. I think, in so many ways, allowing myself this space in my 'she-shed' made way for manifesting my studio.

My little shed went back to being a keeper of things, a little storage house, albeit a cuter version :)

I had my studio for two years, almost to the day - and the 'ol north wind' started to blow in my heart again - and I knew it was time for something else. The transitions was welcomed, and I moved my art space into the guest bedroom of our home. I didn't immediately feel drawn to re-invent the shed until just recently... and oh my, have I had a delicious time doing it!

I'm sure by now, you're ready to see it! So, here's the tour!!

Use arrows to scroll through...

It feels 'full circle' to me - to be back in this little space.

Thank you for coming with me on this little tour :) I hope it's been inspirational for you too. Follow your art, follow your heart. Let love guide the way...



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