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The joyous occasion...

Straight off the art table this morning, a simple little flower painting. I'm calling it 'On the Joyous Occasion of Waking Up." Some mornings just feel like that ;)

A Root in Each Act and Creature

The Sun's eyes are painting fields again.

Its lashes with expert strokes

Are sweeping across the land.

A great palette of light has embraced

This earth.

Hafiz, if just a little clay and water

Mixed in His bowl

Can yield such exquisite scents, sights,

Music - and whirling forms -

What unspeakable wonders must await with

The commencement of unfolding

Of the infinite number of petals

That are the


What excitement will renew your body

When we all begin to see

That His heart resides in


God has a root in each act and creature

That He draws His mysterious

Divine life from.

His eyes are painting fields again.

The Beloved with His own hands is tending,

Raising like a precious child,

Himself in



from the book The Gift,

translation by Daniel Ladinsky

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Diana Andersen
Diana Andersen
Sep 27, 2021


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