Spirit Art by Melanie

Spirit Art is something very special and close to my heart. It is a process where I intuitively call upon and listen to Spirit to guide me in creating a visionary artwork for you. I see colors, images, symbols, numbers, animals, all sorts of things... I artfully combine them to create a special piece of art for you to connect with your highest good.


Spirit Art is Visionary Artwork from my heart and hand to help you find, discover and remember the beauty, meaning and purpose in your life.



If you are interested in commissioning a Spirit Art please contact me at melanie.srq@gmail.com or 919-633-0311

We will sit down together and discuss you and your life. It's fun, relaxing and something you know a lot about: you!

A consultation, which includes a small (8x10) sketch/watercolor of your Spirit Art is $75

Larger paintings range from $375 to $1500 depending on size. The cost of your consultation and sketch will contribute towards your finished painting.

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