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Hear what others are saying about Melanie's Classes...

 I really enjoyed Melanie's Wonderland watercolor class and plan to sign up for other ones soon. The class was very accessible and well organized -her friendly relaxed style made it very fun and easy to create some watercolors that I am amazed I was able to do! Highly recommend this class!

-Kathleen D.

Inspirational, detailed and fun. Each of Melanie's classes bring such joy and brings learning the art of watercolor to an entire different level in one's art journey. I look forward to listening to her videos, watching her paint and then letting my imagination soar as I create my own mini "masterpieces". These are must-take, online watercolor classes.

-Claudia S.

In a simple and direct manner, Melanie's videos offer the viewer detailed instruction on how exactly to get the paint to the paper. I learned more in these three classes than I have in a year of studying watercolor online. The price per class is incredibly reasonable for the volume of information she conveys. Thank you Melanie!

-Catherine V.

Melanie’s teaching style is very informative with demonstrations of techniques and step by step paint layering. She describes her thought process, her paint and paper choice, color ideas and composition. She encourages you to learn and grow and have fun. Her classes are affordable so you can do them all and learn a lot! A worthwhile investment in your artistic journey!

-Patty K.

I was one of 'those people.' You know, watercolor hated me. No matter what I did, I could not get it to do anything I wanted it to do. Taking Melanie's Cosmic Watercolor class was like sitting down with an experienced friend who thoroughly explained what I should do to get the results I wanted. I enjoyed it so much, I jumped right in to Wonderland Watercolor and was amazed at my results. Although I still have a lot to learn, watercolor doesn't hate me any more, and I'm excited about picking up a brush. Thank you, Melanie, for such great classes that are also fun.

-Kim D.

I have taken wonderland watercolor’s and I was so useful for me to understand better my paints and the way to use them to have a nice landscape. And since then I have tryied different color schemes and in my more details paint piece, I use the technic I have learnt. I can’t wait to see the floral class.
I update my comment, just to précise that English is not my usual language as I am french, and anyone can understand this online class with a medium level.

-Sandrine J.

Melanie's teaching is so broadly instructive, it's hard to describe the things you learn in her classes. I learned about water flow, changing sizes of brushes as you are moving through a wet on wet exercise, how colors bleed, letting go of having to control the whole outcome but understanding that your approaches do help you have some modicum of control. I take every class that she offers and will continue to do so because of her instruction style. It translates to so many other types of painting. It's almost like she is in the room with you answering your questions as she moves through a painting. Thank you Melanie!

-Linda M.

I took the Wonderland Class and the Feathers Class, and found them both incredibly fun and easy to follow. I was shocked at how wonderfully my pieces turned out. I found the short, 5-minute chunks of instruction REALLY valuable and digestible, and helped me to not feel overwhelmed. Melanie is a warm-hearted, enthusiastic instructor and her enthusiasm and joy in painting is infectious! -Susan I.

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