What can I say? I'm in love with watercolor. Often, it has been a tumultuous relationship, with one or the other of us giving each other the silent treatment... but - after all this time - watercolor is still the one for me.

I love that it is an alchemical process - colors mixing with water - with each other - creating something new that was not there before. But perhaps what enchants me above all is the fickleness of the medium - it constantly challenges my efforts to control it. And things tend to work out best when I remember to let it lead - to dance with it - to be in the moment - to let preconceived notions go - and to move intuitively... such a metaphor for the way I seek to live my life: Enjoying the process, understanding that all of it - ups, downs and in betweens - are part of the journey. If you love it (life and watercolor) it will love you back...

Let me tell you about my favorites!

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