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Pan Sets

What I love about pan sets is their size and versatility. Perfect for on the go with lovely color combinations that make painting easy and fun. The very first paints I ever owned were in a pan set. I feel like it's the way to go for getting your feet 'wet' with watercolor. 

Sketchbook and palette from 2008!! It's

When I got 'serious' about painting (thankfully, I've since come to my senses about that, ha!), I graduated from my crayola set of watercolors to this beauty - The Winsor Newton Cotman Pan set. This is actually my first sketchbook too - it was a moleskine watercolor journal. I was so excited to take my new treasures on a trip to the mountains and try them out. I will never forget the feeling of trying these for the first time. I felt like I had come home! So many of the struggles I had been experiencing while painting melted away. These paints are for real - and it was a world of difference.

Permanent collection of the artist ☺️_._

I still have, and use this set. It's almost 20 years old! I've replaced many of the individual pans, of course - but believe it or not, several of them are the originals, and yes, they are still beautiful!

Way back in them old days (ha!) there were limited options in the world of watercolor - but now the gates are wide open and there are SO many options it can be overwhelming. The truth is, you don't need much to start the watercolor journey - and I'm thankful that I didn't have the means or option to get carried away by the never-ending pursuit of the 'perfect' paints. I started small and learned slowly. Humble beginnings :)

Prima Watercolors

I found Prima Watercolor on Instagram a couple of years ago, and instantly fell in love. I just love the little metal tins - the size, the shape, the colors... something about them just makes me happy. Since that time, Prima has expanded their line of pan sets and there are so many wonderful options to choose from.

Here are my favorites!

The Classics Palette

Honestly, you can't go wrong with a classic! This was the first set I used in my introduction to Prima. It's got all the basics you need. It's my recommendation when people ask 'where should I start?'

One of the things I love most about Prima watercolors are their 'exploding' nature. Many of the colors will explode into a wet surface. SO MUCH FUN. You can see what I mean on this video...

While I love ALL the sets from Prima, my favorites are The Classics, Tropicals, Decadent Pies, Vintage Pastels and you can't forget - they have METALLICS TOO.... These things are SO freaking awesome. I seriously get giddy when I use them. Please excuse this less than stellar video, but seriously, you're gonna love these things!

Check out some of my creations using these Pan sets...

I am super proud to be an ambassador for Prima Watercolor. Not only are they great little paints, the people of Prima are the best. If you are interested in owning some of these delicious paints, you can receive a 15% discount on your entire order at by using the code melanieaprilart15%

Thanks for taking the time to explore!