My watercolor palette

This page could literally go on and on and on... forever. My plan is to update it regularly, but for now - let's start with the my current loves.

My Current Palette

At the moment, I am using the mini-palette designed by Stephanie Mui Pun Law (who is a genius, seriously, go check her out.) The palette holds 36 colors... finally, I had to pick my favorites and most used. Here they are...

I'm so excited about this post - 1st_ Th

Paint colors flow in and out of my works as time goes by... but there is one color in particular that has been with me through a myriad of different styles. I've tried to replace it, but nope - It's the one. No replacement necessary. It seems like the perfect color to start this list off with...

MAUVE by Winsor Newton Cotman. I do believe it is the color of my soul :) I wouldn't call it mauve, but Winsor nor Newton asked me for my opinion... so... 

It's in the 'purple' section of my palette - which could have easily taken up my entire palette. I do love purple. Here are my other favorites:


MINERAL VIOLET by Holbein. Dark and lovely and minerally. That's not a word, but it is now.

PURPURITE by Daniel Smith. Oh my soul, I can't get enough of the PrimaTek paints by Daniel Smith. You know those crystals I paint that y'all just drool over? None of them would be quite as lovely without this paint. Enough said.

MOONGLOW by Daniel Smith. I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to put these three colors into one tube (like seriously? what are they smoking over there?) but I am so freaking glad they did. Viridian, Ultramarine Blue and Anthraquinoid Red in one tube make the magic of moonglow. I'm not even making this up. And here's the deal with this color, and so many others: YOU MUST try it wet into wet. This allows all those colors to float and show off.

Check it out:

WINSOR VIOLET by Winsor & Newton This is a good all-around purple. Bright and purple-y. Another made up word. This color is basically Carbazole Dioxazine, PV 23 - which can be found across many brands. I just happen to like this one best.

AMETHYST by Daniel Smith. OH MY WORD. Amethyst, y'all. When I found this paint I almost had a panic attack. Heart palpitations, sweating, shaking. Not even kidding. First of all, it's made with REAL AMETHYST. I don't know why, but nobody seems as excited as me when I tell them that... I must be telling the wrong people. Anyway, when the paint dries on your paper you can see the crystals. Like, there are crystals in your painting. HOW do YOU NOT GET EXCITED ABOUT THAT? I can't!

Next up... the blues... 

CYAN BLUE by Lukas - This is the only Lukas color I have in my palette. It's good paint, handles well - but once it's used up, I'll probably replace it with another similar color by another company that's easier for me to get my painted paws on. This is a 'primary' blue, and it plays well with others. Very close to Cerulean Blue by other companies.

ULTRAMARINE TURQUOISE by Daniel Smith: Holy heavens this is a gorgeous color. See?...


ULTRAMARINE FINEST by Schmincke: Gah, I can't say enough about this one. If you need an ultramarine blue, get THIS ONE! It's what created those flashy blues in this painting:


Here is the rest of my palette listed - I will be back soon with updates on how I use each color and some examples :)

Lunar Blue by Daniel Smith

Pthalo Blue (Green Shade) by Daniel Smith

Marine Blue by Holbein


Green Gold by Daniel Smith

Sap Green by Daniel Smith

Serpentine Genuine by Daniel Smith

Green Apatite Genuine by Daniel Smith

Diopside Green by Daniel Smith

Amazonite by Daniel Smith


Hansa Yellow Deep by Daniel Smith

Hansa Yellow Light by Daniel Smith

Quinicridone Gold by Daniel Smith

Piemontite by Daniel Smith

Quinicridone Sienna by Daniel Smith

Burnt Sienna by Winsor Newton


Garnet Genuine by Daniel Smith

Quinicridone Coral by Daniel Smith

Pyrrol Scarlet by Daniel Smith

Antique Coral by Holbein (discontinued color)

Shell Pink by Holbein

Rhodonite Genuine by Daniel Smith


Paynes Gray by Winsor Newton

Raw Umber by Mission

Burnt Umber by Winsor Newton

Van Dyke Brown by Daniel Smith

Burnt Tigers Eye by Daniel Smith

Tigers Eye by Daniel Smith

Butterfly Watercolor Swatches