Wonderland is a place I visit often, and I can't wait for you to join me...

My journey as an artist has it's roots in the times I spent as a child romping through the backwoods and hills of the North Carolina mountains. This is where Wonderland became real to me - the land full of color, the streams full of life, and magic was found everywhere... Including the tiny cabin that my grandmother and I called home for the summers. We lived primitively, oil lamps, wood cookstove and water that came right off the mountain.   My best friends were the salamanders in the creek, the cows on the hillside and my pencils and paints.  Creating these magical little landscape paintings allows me to escape back there, to get lost in the moments of Wonderland. Come with me on this journey as we explore the wondrous ways of watercolor!


  • Class cost is $25

  • I would consider this class level the next step after 'beginner' - if you've taken one of my other classes or have a pretty good understanding of working wet into wet with watercolor, this class is perfect. There is something here for everyone! My process is not difficult and involves a lot of intuitive painting. No matter your level, you'll learn! (If you've never used watercolor before, I would suggest starting with Cosmic Watercolor or Enchanted Feathers first.)

  • This is a self-guided study with live lessons when you arrive. No waiting for projects to be posted and you can learn at your own pace. You have unlimited, lifetime access.

  • The lessons are video based. I walk you through step by step, with each lesson building on the next. 

  • There are colorful photographs and plenty of written tips and inspiration along the way.

  • Class can be viewed via most digital devices, but viewing the video lessons is best done on a computer or tablet screen.

  • A high-speed connection is highly suggested!

  • Due to instant access to content, no refunds are offered. Thank you!


The two images above are the major projects we'll create. There are also tips and tutorials on variations of the major techniques I use to create these landscapes. There's plenty of information to keep you happily creating!

I use the wet on wet method of painting watercolor, we'll dive deep into this process and learn how to achieve rich, deep tones that are alive with movement and color.


  • I always say use what you have - the one thing I urge in this class is to use artist grade 140lb cold press watercolor paper. Anything less can leave you frustrated with these techniques.

  • The specific paint colors I will use in class are as follows, but please note, these are NOT a necessity - the techniques can be used with any colors. DANIEL SMITH: Amethyst Genuine, Pthalo Blue, Hansa Yellow Deep, Pthalo Turquoise and Green Gold WINSOR NEWTON: Permanent Rose WINSOR NEWTON COTMAN: Mauve HOLBEIN: Mineral Violet

  • You can use whatever paint brushes you are comfortable with - I use rounds, sizes 0-8



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