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She started out as a doodle in my journal - with the idea of integration - viewing life as a whole, the 'dark' and the 'light' becoming a whirling sphere connecting and breathing as one - visualizing the yin yan symbol, but not static, moving and twirling. As I began to create her - the seven circles came into the picture - alignment from above to below and also the emanation from the center out to all 'sides'. Energy and passion began to flow into the painting with the warm colors that surround the circle. In my minds eye, these warm tones of energy create a torus shape around her. The star is a connection to source. The square she emerges from represents ancestral ties and patterns that are transforming. The 'fractals' above and below are possibilities. The 'grid' of space is the grid of time, connections, tools, a permeable fabric allowing full comprehension and exploration of timelessness. The series of lines that flow out were the final ideas included in the work. They flow directly from her throat and represent POWERFUL EASE. Which is the message - powerful ease that comes from a deep knowing of who you are in Truth. The title 'Memory Keeper' was apparent right away, but it deepened through the creation. I felt my heart coming alive again. My imagination being called back to my heart - passion and energy being restored. Delight as each step, color and line was found in the ACTION of creating. She 're-membered' me into the childlike wonder and fun of creating and also gave me an even greater understanding of the 'dips' the 'lows', the 'voids' of this amazing, beautiful journey we call life! They are vital, useful, integral. Thank you Memory Keeper 🙏
Thank you for reading and thank you so much for your interest in my art.


SIZE: 16x20

Original Watercolor on Arches paper

Shipping included in price. IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE U.S. - please contact me for shipping price and arrangements. Thank you.


PRINTS  and other products of this painting can be found here


The Memory Keeper

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