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Elemental Butterflies


Welcome to Elemental Butterflies...

This class was originally created in 2018 - but I am happy to revive it here as an offering of Creativity for you to enjoy.

Butterflies are symbols of metamorphosis, renewal, endurance and resurrection. How appropriate for this unprecedented time in the history of us. Our lives have been turned upside down, probably much how a caterpillar feels when she goes into her cocoon! A new way is emerging, a new life - new ways of being, new ways of flying.

I feel that creativity, in any form, is part of our truest nature. And painting with watercolor is one of my favorite ways to express my creativity. I love to share the adventure with you!

This class is inspiring, light-hearted and fun - a perfect way to unwind and focus on beauty. Experiment with colors, play with collage and get the creative juices flowing into your life!

This is a perfect class to share with the kids - it could be a great way to bring the family together in a creative way.

This course is a 'pay what you can' offering.
There are many ways to feel and receive abundance and my hope is that we all connect with that energy and allow it to flow.
Please contribute what feels right for you and your situation.
I receive in love and ask for the circle of abundance and inspiration to flow for us all! 

Thank you for supporting my work. I hope you enjoy this class!

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In this class we'll explore simple "wet into wet" watercolor techniques along with the Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire - to create four unique butterflies. We'll use the elements as inspiration - focusing on the colors and energies represented by each one - resulting in four beautiful creations, each with their own personalities.

The lessons are video based. I walk you through step by step, with each lesson building on the next.

There are colorful photographs and plenty of written tips and inspiration along the way.

In addition to the simple watercolor techniques we'll explore - we'll be creating a special 'home' for each of our butterflies. Rather than replicating my creations - I hope that you will be inspired with fresh visions to create your own magical 'homes' for your special butterflies.

These days getting to the art supply store may not be as easy as it once was, a perfect time to use the materials you have and think 'outside the box', or the cocoon, ha! Your creations can be as simple or as complex as you'd like - the following supplies will be essential, but beyond that I leave you to your imagination!

*Watercolor, any type, any brand

*Brushes - your favorites

*Watercolor paper

*Glue for collage elements (if you choose to create a 'home base' for your butterflies)

*Scissors, pencils, 

*Tracing paper (will be used to draw the butterflies)

That's it! This would be an excellent class for the kiddos to join in too! The techniques are very simple and FUN!

Helpful Information

I've included this PDF printable instruction sheet with helpful information and an outline of the lessons. Not necessary, but fun to have :)

I am so glad you are here. I can't wait to see the beautiful butterfly creations you will create. This class was originally created in November of 2018 for release in a year-long creative adventure with
The theme for the year was 'Totems and Talismans'. The following video was the original 'intro' for that class, but I thought you might enjoy seeing it too. I love the meditation at the end. Enjoy!



Our ‘main ingredient’ will be watercolor. We’ll play with colors, shapes and techniques that will reflect each element and bring about a gorgeous creation. 

The materials needed for this class can be as simple or as complex as you’d like – the least you’ll need: 

Watercolors – a variety of colors, any brands
Brushes – whatever you are comfortable with. A small brush will be useful for detail.
Tracing Paper and pencil – for drawing the butterflies
Watercolor paper – You can use your favorite. I will be using 140lb coldpress paper by Arches. 


I have created a mixed-media ‘home’ for each of my watercolor butterflies, but this is just an option – I hope you’ll use the watercolor techniques to explore just painting beautiful butterflies.

*A wood or cardboard 'base'

*Craft or acrylic paints

*found objects, things found in nature

*Glue for collaging

Let your inspiration be the guide!

Earth Butterfly


Colors: Greens, browns, black
Energies: Abundance, Solid Foundation, Grounding

As always, substitute colors - you don't have to use what I use :)
I used Green Apatite by Daniel Smith
Burnt Umber by Winsor Newton, Ivory Black by Cotman and 
Quinicridone Gold by Daniel Smith


It's funny - I didn't see that i hadn't finished this butterfly (notice the bottom right wing) until I watched the video through again recently. Now, I can't un-see it, ha!

Now, I love it all the more! I still have this butterfly. I see it almost every day - perched on my bookshelf. The colors and nature elements made this one my favorite of the four that I created... Isn't it wild how we can see something so many times and not notice the details?!

It makes me think about my 'perfectionist' tendencies... of how I can be so hard on myself sometimes! Wanting to get every little detail 'perfect' - but really, what makes it all perfect is the light, life and intention that inspired the creativity. Painting this butterfly was a meditation on the beauty of Earth, our grounding force, our home - what could be more perfect and beautiful than that?


Water Butterfly

The element of water - this one I know well!

I am a Pisces (the fishes!), I paint with watercolor and I live in Florida not too far from the beach... surrounded by water! Also: emotions, yep :)

The colors for the Water element are pretty obvious: blue, blue and more blue! For my butterfly I used Pthalo Turquoise, Marine blue and Indigo. What are your favorite blues?


Air Butterfly

It cracks me up that I kept calling the Air element 'wind' - I was super inspired by the idea of a dreamcatcher - I hope it inspires you too...

The colors I used for this one are Mauve by Winsor Newton Cotman and Dioxazine Purple by Winsor & Newton (I think)


Close your eyes - imagine yourself in the most beautiful place you can think of - imagine the wind blowing through your hair and kissing you gently on the cheek... what colors do you see? What inspiration do you feel? What is she whispering in your ear?

Let your imagination take you away and inspire you!

Fire Butterfly

Watching this video again has me so inspired! I hope you are too!

The colors I used for this butterfly - I don't actually remember, but something along the lines of Permanent Magenta, permanent rose, Mauve and a touch of a lemony yellow. Use the colors you love best!


One of the things I love most about this butterfly was that because I used multiple magnets - I could take it off of the base... it is actually right this very minute attached to the shower curtain rod in my bathroom, ha! Lots of fun :)

Once again, use your imagination! I'm so excited to see your creations!

I hope you have enjoyed this class. It really means a lot to me that you are here - that we are here together. Creativity is part of our essence - I believe this with all of my heart. When we allow ourselves to be creative, to get inspired and work with our hands and heart, we are doing more than just making fun butterflies - we are aligning ourselves to our true nature. Allowing fun and creativity in one are of your life will inevitably bloom and grow into all facets of your life. And that is a beautiful thing.

In many traditions, and in my own belief, there is another element: the one of Spirit - it is the presence of energy found within all things - and is the foundation for all other elements to exist. 

How would it be to create a Spirit butterfly? What colors would it be? What shapes? What textures? So many creative choices... I hope you'll explore further and keep the creative juices flowing.

Many creative blessings to you dearest ones.

Thank you,


If you feel inspired by this class and would like to financially contribute to support the creation of more magical things, I so greatly appreciate it. You can help support my classes and offerings here:


Or here. THANK YOU!

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